Sunday, March 16, 2014

Comedy Radio in Kansas City The Sunday Jones Comedy Radio Show Episode 3

Welcome comedy radio listeners everywhere, Episode 4 of Season 3 is now LIVE! We're off and running this week as the year's biggest and meanest snow storm is lurking outside of our studio windows! Tune in this week as our hosts and guests discuss the finer things in life as we know it in Kansas City. This week we've got Mikey, Josh, Adam Blue, Laurie and the triumphant return of Marky Mark Owens!

Topic 1 - Sports
The gang discusses The Kansas City Chiefs, Royals and other sports, locally and Nationally.

Topic 2 - The Sunday Poop Scoop
The gang discusses happenings in the local news and also the National news.

Topic 3 - What the FAWK?!
Our newest topic "What the FAWK" lets our hosts and guests blow off some steam as they describe things that make them say "What the FAWK?!".

Topics of interest this week: the missing plane, stranger danger, Marky Mark's fake Facebook posts, Kevin Cline hitting a golf ball off of Elizabeth Dickson's ass and more!

Tune in and...



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